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A vibrant town in Berkshire, England, known for its rich history and modern amenities. It's a hub of economic and cultural activity, offering something for everyone.

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Icon Living Properties Serviced Accommodation in Reading
Icon Living Properties Serviced Accommodation in Reading




Reading, a charming town in Berkshire, England, where history meets contemporary living. Known for its historical significance and modern amenities, Reading offers a diverse range of experiences. From ancient ruins to bustling shopping centres, this town has something for everyone.

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Reading Abbey

Embark on a journey through time as you explore the historic ruins of Reading Abbey, which dates back to the 12th century. This revered site is a testament to the town's heritage and offers an opportunity to step back in time.

Icon Living Properties Serviced Accommodation in Reading

Forbury Gardens

Discover the tranquillity of Forbury Gardens, an urban oasis where nature and artistry blend seamlessly. Stroll through these beautiful gardens and be captivated by the ornate Maiwand Lion statue, a poignant reminder of historical connections.

Icon Living Properties Serviced Accommodation in Reading

The Oracle Shopping Centre

Shop, dine, and be entertained at The Oracle Shopping Centre, a popular retail and entertainment complex. Explore a plethora of shops, enjoy delectable dining experiences, and take in the vibrant atmosphere that characterises this bustling hub.

Icon Living Properties Serviced Accommodation in Reading

Museum of English Rural Life

Immerse yourself in the fascinating history of rural England at the Museum of English Rural Life. This cultural treasure trove offers a unique opportunity to discover the heritage and heritage of the countryside through meticulously curated exhibits and artefacts.

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Wine & Dine


Indulge in the gastronomic delights that Reading has to offer, where the culinary scene is a true reflection of the town's diversity. From traditional British pub fare to exotic international cuisines, you can explore a spectrum of dining options that cater to varied palates. Don't miss the chance to sample the local specialty, "Reading Sauce," a unique flavour that captures the essence of Reading's culinary heritage.

Icon Living Properties Serviced Accommodation in Reading


For your stay in Reading, you can choose from a variety of comfortable accommodations, ensuring a pleasant and restful experience in the heart of the town. Whether you prefer the luxury of well-appointed hotels or the flexibility and convenience of serviced apartments, Reading offers options that suit every taste and preference.

Icon Living Properties Serviced Accommodation in Reading


Throughout the year, Reading comes alive with a variety of events and cultural performances. The Reading Festival, an iconic music event, is a highlight that draws crowds from near and far. Additionally, local markets and cultural celebrations provide glimpses into the town's vibrant and diverse community spirit.

Icon Living Properties Serviced Accommodation in Reading


Reading is well-connected through excellent transportation networks. The town's easy access to London and other major cities is facilitated by a reliable train service. Furthermore, the M4 motorway ensures that Reading is accessible by road, allowing for convenient travel and exploration of the surrounding areas.

Ready to Experience Reading?

Reading's rich history, diverse cuisine, comfortable accommodations, and vibrant events are just a click away. Book your stay in the heart of Reading with Icon Living Properties and begin your journey into the heart of this dynamic town. Your adventure starts here

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